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Recent Projects

A selection of recent website projects I've created for other businesses

Case Study

Objective: Redesign and build website.

What I Did

After auditing the existing website I created a report that highlighted areas for change and recommendations to achieve better results.

The audit highlighted some clear actions, including:

  1. Design for mobile first as majority of sessions are mobile.

  2. Ensure clear route to treatments/pricing as there is none.

  3. Make sure there is a clear navigation and journey for visitors. 

  4. Improve stats for gallery as that will be a decision-stage for visitors.

  5. Look into the chat/contact function to increase leads.


After go live, we analysed the results. After one month:

  • Website sessions were up 13%.

  • We had 25% more unique users.

  • People are spending longer on each page, but less time on average all together – this means that people are finding the information they need much faster.

  • Contact form submissions were up 833%.

  • Visitors to the gallery page were up 64%.


While these results are a great improvement, with a marketing plan & strategy, we could increase these numbers even further.

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